Donkey Welfare (November)

We received a report about a seemingly stranded donkey at Regen, Waiyaki Way. For more than 2 weeks, the donkey had been exposed to harsh weather conditions, with no shelter, food, or water. We rescued him and brought him to the shelter.

The donkey pictured below was displaying signs of a donkey with rabies at Mlolongo shopping center. We responded to the emergency call immediately, and the donkey was humanely put to sleep.

At Dagoretti market, we responded to a case of a donkey with overgrown hooves, was overloaded, and the harnesses were poorly done. We educated the user on proper cart balancing and loading, and helped him make a good harness for the donkey so that the donkey doesn’t develop wounds on the neck region.

We also encountered this donkey that had overgrown hooves, which we trimmed and also improved the saddle and breach.

The two donkeys pictured below were reported to have multiple wounds on their bodies, and one of them was blind. The owner is believed to have abandoned them at Ongata Rongai dues. to their health conditions. In conjunction with the area chief, we recued them and brought them to the shelter for better care.


  1. I’d like to inform you about the people that do donkey cart business in rongai around Tuskys umoja road on how they abuse them by harshly beating them over and over, it’s really sad that some of them develop wounds from the beating and still go through it the same affected area

    1. Hello Sheryl. Thanks for reporting, Please share with us your phone number.

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