Let’s be jolly but responsible pet owners!

Christmas time is a season of celebrations, family time and enjoyment, but every year accidents happen that can endanger our pets’ lives. To avoid spending Christmas holidays at the vet’s emergency waiting room with a sick animal, here is a quick reminder of all the possible dangers.  Warm weather: with the hot blazing noonday sun

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KSPCA Mombasa (November)

Animals: We had a relatively busy month with all sorts of things going on.  We had a large number of very small kittens brought in, far too young to have no mother. We also had a number of puppies brought in and unfortunately one lot went down with Parvo. Fortunately, this was contained quickly. We sterilized 10

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Donkey Welfare (November)

We received a report about a seemingly stranded donkey at Regen, Waiyaki Way. For more than 2 weeks, the donkey had been exposed to harsh weather conditions, with no shelter, food, or water. We rescued him and brought him to the shelter. The donkey pictured below was displaying signs of a donkey with rabies at

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KSPCA Naivasha (November)

Rescues and Investigations We were notified of some donkeys at North Kinangop, that are usually used for collecting milk from the dairy farmers and taking the milk to cooling plants. The donkeys are believed to be overworking. We went to investigate the matter, and cautioned the owners and users against overloading and whipping the donkeys,

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