Fireworks and Dogs

With Diwali, Guy Fawkes and New Year’s Eve all lined up it is time to remind ourselves that celebrations are not equally pleasant to all of our family members. Of course, not all dogs are scared of fireworks and loud noises, but even if they are not, it is not recommended to take them to

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Donkey Welfare (September 2022)

Our team made an impromptu visit at Ongata Rongai hotspot areas to do a follow up on the state of the donkeys that are used to carry water to households and business premises. Most of the donkey users had adhered to the lessons we had previously given them regarding harnessing principals, proper cart balancing, handling

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KSPCA Mombasa (September 2022)

Animals: September was generally quiet. The weather is hot and humid now, which means that we are starting to have a flea problem again. We re-homed 5 dogs and 22 cats, and neutered 8 dogs and 24 cats. We admitted in 18 dogs and 86 cats. A large number of the cats were very tiny kittens with no mother

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