KSPCA Mombasa


August was incredibly quiet with very few visitors. Most hotels were empty. As a result there was very little left over food available for us.  We admitted 6 dogs and 74, and rehomed 8 dogs and 15 cats. We had many tiny kittens brought in. We have a serious stray cat problem here and have been doing a lot of trapping recently.

We are still waiting to hear what Brooke East Africa, via the County Veterinary Board, are going to do with regard to the stray donkey situation here in Mombasa. 

Finances:  We were very fortunate to be left some money by a Swiss lady – Shs. 178,327/-.   That made our Bank Account look a lot more healthy than normal!   We have two fund raising events in October – the Chris Seex Memorial Golf Competition up at Vipingo Ridge on the 2nd October and the Diani Goat Derby, organized by Pauline McKenzie (EAWL) in the middle of October. Then we have our Christmas Craft Fair at the Bahari Beach Hotel on the 19th November

Premises: The rain seems to have stopped for the moment and the weather is getting hot and humid again.   The ceiling has been put in the clinic area now. It just needs painting and the wiring completed.

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